Solar station

Together for the climate
- Powered by Solar Energy

e-Ladestation steht auf dem freien Feld mit zwei Fahrradfahrer
Charging station

One charging station
with many advantages

Ladestation Fahrradfahrer unterhalten sich vor der Ladestation

- The charging station can be placed anywhere

No foundation.
Can be set up anywhere.

Due to the low individual weight of the concrete slabs, no heavy equipment (e.g. forklift) is needed to set up the charging station. Effort and costs are avoided.

The stability is ensured by standard concrete slabs that are stacked in the interior. This concrete weight of approx. 1000 kg in total thus ensures a safe stand even in windy conditions and the installation of the charging station is procedure-free.

3000W power.
Fast charging for any device.

In order to achieve a fast charging of the e-bike batteries, the output power of the charging station has been designed for a power of 3000 W. This means that the charging station is also suitable for all fast chargers. This means that the charging station is also suitable for all fast chargers and, depending on the user's charger, a charge of up to 60% is possible in a time of 60 minutes.

Ladestation seitlich

Connectivity for old & new.

Of course, the charging station also has USB charging sockets (type A and type C) to charge devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Robustly built.
Withstands wind & weather.

The housing of the charging station is made of aluminium and is therefore durable and rustproof. Thanks to the roof projection at the front and rear, as well as the protruding side walls, users also benefit from weather protection.

The design of the charging station is dynamic and attracts attention. Due to its size, the charging station is highly visible!

Suitable for all charging systems.

The new ReGeLa e-bike solar charging station offers great benefits for all e-bikers and operators of charging stations: The power supply is independent of a power grid by means of solar operation, which enormously expands the choice of locations and now cycle paths or excursion destinations far away from an infrastructure can also be included in a nationwide supply of charging stations.

Ladestation von Fahrradfahrer zum Aufladen verwendet

Electromobility is the future of

Of course, the charging station also has USB charging sockets (type A and type C) to charge devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

The switch from the car to the bicycle is significantly supported, because it is now possible not only to move in recreational areas, national parks or on cycle paths in a climate-neutral way with the e-bike, but also to start the journey with the e-bike.

E-mobility is thus gaining further acceptance and acceptance and is being driven forward, which reduces the burden on our environment as well as CO2 emissions.

Optionally, the equipment with a powerful, public WLAN hotspot is possible. The hotspot enables high-speed internet access free of charge for the user, which additionally promotes the use of the charging station.



1. basic

Ladestation Basic von vorne mit Anschlüssen

Simple & Practical.

The Basic model features freely accessible sockets and a generous storage area for chargers, batteries or mobile devices.

A total of three 230V sockets and two charging sockets for USB devices are available at the front and rear of the charging station.

The charging process begins when the start button is pressed and ends automatically after 2 hours. This ensures sufficient charging but prevents unwanted continuous use by individual users.

2. safe

Ladestation Modell Safe mit Schließfächer

Better safe than sorry.

The Safe model has three lockers at the front and three at the back, which are secured by code locks.

There is enough space in the lockers for batteries, chargers or mobile devices. Each locker has a 230V socket and two charging sockets for USB devices.

The loading process is triggered via the start button, then the locker is closed. Similar to a room safe in a hotel, you now enter a personal 4-digit numerical code and lock the locker.

To prevent unwanted permanent occupancy or misuse of the locker, the code lock opens automatically after a period of 2 hours. This mechanism also helps if a user accidentally forgets his code.

3. charging cable


This module offers a choice of two or three charging cables, each with three different charging plugs via a splitter at the end of the cable. This means that batteries from different manufacturers can be charged with one cable, which effectively prevents a "tangle of cables".

The user connects their e-bike directly to the charging station via the charging cable and does not need to carry their own charger or extra cable.

The smart charging electronics automatically recognise which parameters are to be used and charge according to the specific characteristics of the various manufacturers (e.g. BOSCH, Specialized, BMZ, Yamaha).

The batteries are charged quickly with a charging current of 4 amps and safely with comprehensive protection circuits, e.g. against overcharging and short circuits.

Printable surfaces

The surfaces of the charging station can be printed individually. Generate revenue from sponsors or advertising to facilitate the investment.

The charging station is delivered unprinted from the factory.

Ladestation von vorne und unbedruckt


Ladestation Zubehör Fahrradständer

Accessory 1: Bicycle stand

The bicycle racks are a practical accessory and allow convenient setting and locking at the front and rear for 3 bicycles each.

Ladestation Zubehör Hotspot für Internet, Internet Empfänger Einheit

Accessory 2: WLAN hotspot

The charging station can be equipped with a powerful public Wi-Fi hotspot that provides free internet access for up to 50 users.

The hotspot obtains data from the mobile network and also works in regions with poor network coverage. This is because the hotspot automatically searches for the best network and is therefore not dependent on a single preset network operator.


Overview of the functions

Solar energy
Climate-friendly & environmentally conscious

No electricity costs
There are no ongoing energy costs

Flexible choice of location
Independent of the power grid due to solar operation

Battery storage Enables fast charging

WLAN hotspot
Free internet access

Secured via code lock

Our goals lie

in environmental protection

in sustainability

Ladestation in der Natur im Feld unter blauem Himmel

Acquisition -
Made easy through funding programmes

In many cases, subsidies are available for the installation of an e-bike charging station. It is worth checking! Funding can come from regional funding pots, e.g. to promote cycling and tourism, but there is also EU funding, such as the LEADER programme.

The financing of the charging station is additionally facilitated for the operator, as an area of 16 m² is available that can be occupied by advertising partners. This advertising revenue can refinance the investment to a considerable extent.

Production & Distribution for Germany and Austria


ReGeLa GmbH
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Distribution for Switzerland and Liechtenstein


swiss E-Bike Power
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Distribution for Spain


ReGeLa GmbH
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Distribution for Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary


Dunajtech s.r.o.
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